Lini-Graphics / Tutorial Wig Shopping - Notes First, I must say that I haven't bad luck with my wigs. My first one i bought in the german carnival season in a shop. So, this wig ended in the trash of a hotel room two months later.

We were very inexperienced and bought some wig. True to the motto: Each wig is the same. - But I was wrong.
Cheap is not always bad. In many wigs you can't see later it was cheap or not on the first look.
But unfortunately, the same applies the other way: Expensive is not always good . And it is very hard to know which seller is reliable.
Mainly i buy my wigs around the world with ebay.
Here, the pros and cons when buying wigs on Ebay:
- More choices
- Many quotations and auctions
- Many free shippings
- Effective production = cheaper price
- fast payment
- Wig could stay in the customs
- Delivery time is usually 2-6 weeks, depending on the seller
- Contact to the vendor Usually only possible in english
- Payment only possible via PayPal
I can give you a few more tips for online shopping:
- Look after the rating of the vendor. Should the rating not even be very positive, so let it be.
- Stay tuned for presentation of the shop. For example, i only buy in shops with a professional designed store.
All right, let's go assuming you have a shop found appeals to you, and even a wig the you like. Then it is time to look further.

- How is the price?
- What does the shipping say
This is important! Many shops sell the wigs and very cheap but the costs of the shipping are very high!
I would say that about 6-7 for the shipping of wigs are okay ( In germany, it could be otherwise in other countries ).
I have to say the price is difficult there is something to say. It depends here just the expense of wig from. I can tell you times how I look after the price.
Short Hair Wigs 20 with shipping.
Long-hair wigs 35 with shipping.

( In germany, it could be otherwise in other countries )
Otherwise I rated as example Ready-styled wigs. They are very expensive ( I speaking here in a range of 50-60 without shipping) So it has to look perfect like the original.
Then let's go to the description.
Those things are important for me:
- Heat resistant
- Wash-ability
- made of kanekalon
- Size adjustment

Unfortunately, not every seller writes this information in the description. so contact the seller and ask for those informations.

Okay then there are really only a few things about the shop images.
Normally, are all the images photographed in the same style. This makes the store more trustworthy for you.
You have to look on the images of the wigs it should not too much like plastic. But with very slight colour variations you should count . That depends namely from the Camera and your monitor.

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