Lini-Graphics / Tutorial / Wig Styling 02 - Curls

Step 1 First, we have to comb the wig and if necessary even smooth out to get a good foundation for turning curls.
For me, the Wig was as before very very bad matted and had to be unravelled.

Opinion 1 One option would be to curl with a curling iron.
Anyway, this technique is a little bit difficult for very long wig. Because you can make curls on the bottom of the wig. And the curls are very small and thin.

Opinion 2 Secondly, I've tested curlers in  various sizes.
 In the case I used the previously  heat ones. Following I rolled a strand on the warm curler.
 I photographed this method for you.
 The allowed the wig to cool down for a day and then i  unrolled them. The result was very nice. However wanted  I have it bigger curls were my  available curlers a little too small.
This meant if you use smaller the curles cou get thinner curls!

Opinion 3 Third, I used a curling iron.
This is more like a hair dryer with integrated round brush.  In addition, the whole 2 different supervisors etched.
 But unfortunately this does not work at wigs as  well.
 I recommend this not essays. My reason is following: Both essays works great. But to separate the wig and the brush essay is very hard and makes a lot of knotes.

Opinion 4 The fourth possibility was improvised. After seeing the curls result with the hair dryer. I tried a self-made brush version. I took a empty roll of toilet paper and pricked many holes in it. Following i attached to one of these brush essays. | photographed this funny idea and the result for you as preview.
As strange it looks, it worked very good and I am more than satisfied with the results I am more than satisfied!

Tips & Ideas There are of course many more possibilities to make curls.
 Unfortunately I am not a hairdresser and therefore explain and I will tell only about the opportunities I tried by myself.

Tip 1: With hairspray makes  the curls still Con-compatible!

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