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Well, then again a little more helpful tip from me, maybe . To do this tutorial you need the following things: a comb, a can of hairspray and your wig. It would be useful if you get a second person for help or a Styrofoam head.

Step 1:
First, it sets your ' helpers ' ( Styrofoam head or a friend) the wig on . As it later when you should fit too!
And this wig combs first beautiful. But do not forget to make a parting!
Of course it would be quite useful if you have an original picture as many perspectives besides you!
Step 2:
Now you meshes you a strand from bottom to top high and hold them with on of your hands.
Step 3:
Now we spray a thick layer of hairspray on it! But attention, your wig will not shrink Oozing!
Then, you take immediately the hair dryer on the cold mode to dry the hairspray on your wig. Your fingers must be placed on the hair, so you can stay during the dry or individual Improve strands.

Important: The hair dryer MUST be on cold mod, otherwise you can destroy your wig.
Step 4:
So it is incredibly stable for Conventions! If you do this example over the whole wig, it should be look like on the photo above.
This method can be used for many simple wig styles.
Idea 1:
If you have not taken to cheap hair spray, you can comb it out again. Otherwise you can use wig shampoo. Please, do not use normal hair shampoo. The synthetic hair can be porous.
Idea 2:
Instead of hairspray you can mixed sugar water for the styling. This is even more stable. But I personally do not like it! Because you can not comb it out. Often you can only remove it with wig shampoo.

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