Lini-Graphics / Tutorials Creat your own braids You do not get your braid every time in every color you want. So i want to show you a technique to create a simple alternative idea to create your own braids.

The Tutorial
We need: Fabric for the braids, fabric for the basic, a few needles, a scissor, a pencil, a ruler, a piece of hard paper and an iron. First we draw a stripe on the board at the desired width of the result. The length is care less . But to the 30 cm are quite useful. Then cut out your results. Now,take your fabric for your braid. Cotton or linen fabrics are easiest one. Cut your fabric braid 3 times wider than your cutted paper and your needed length .
Well now you lay your paper strip centrally on your fabric , and folding the top overhanging rest down . Iron it carefully. Now you have to do the same thing again from the bottom . If you did everything correct, there is not any left over, Take your paper out of your fabric and iron your braid again.
It is time to put your self made braid on your basic fabric, my basic fabric is blue. Use your needles to fix the braid. Okay, you are great! The last step is to sew the braid on both sides at your basic fabric. You can your paper template as perfect place holder too.
You only need a bit of training and you get wonderful results.
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