Lini-Graphics / Tutorials Template basics Here are some explanations of patterns which you can buy in german journals shops.

The Tutorial
A very popular for templates, is in Germany the Burda . It costs in Germany 5 euro and offers many various garments .

However, I only buy a magazine if i did not found a template at home.
Well, if you have decided for a garment, It is very hard to find the templates as a beginner. It is better for the first time to search a very simple garment.

You see often in a corner a number , for example, 114A. So you Scrolls now in the Gray Page Section of the magazine and look for these number. And and you can see where yo have to search. For example Red Bow G - Section
So you can search Bow G and open the big paper.
Okay, we get the right bow. But whre can i find the right lines in this chaotic sketch? We remember on our example Red Bow G . Red means all the red lines on this bow. So you have to ignore all the other lines and copy or cut out the red lines. That are all the parts you need for your choosed garment.

So now first to different designations on patterns . To show the different symbols i am using a simple template.
Here you can see the lines . Their is one for every clothing size. What , however, which size is different from each section. Therefore, you should always look exactly in your magazine or after your size.

In this example is the bottom line dress size 36 at a height of 168cm . So you have to use the line with your clothing size

The arrow in your section shows up in go which way the yarn path goes. That is important for fabric with pattern, like stripes or pinstripes.
If you have question, you can ask me in the shoutbox. Or you ask your mother.
In the middle on the template parts are differnt informations. For example, how often you need this part and where it belongs to.

Normal stand at the edges and corners a little number. This number shows you which part you have to add on those place.
Normally you can found a few suggestions for the cut of your parts out of fabric. The fabric can have different widths. So if you buy fabrics so look at the width. In general, there are approximately 140 cm.

Note: The folding this spot at her ' bends ' the substance or Folds

The the yarn path can be shown like this, too. There are a few costumes and dresses which you can buying individual . You can buy them in a fabric store or in the internet
This templates exist often as a set with 2 or more garments.
But this templates are often easier to understand and have very good instructions in several languages.

Ideas & Tips Idea 1:
It is easier , to work with templates if you a spatial ability. Than you have the know-how to out these ' flat ' parts together to a Three-dimensional body

Idea 2:
Perfect fabrics are suggested in the instruction. Otherwise you can ask in a fabric store near to you for free. Normally they have a good knowledge about fabrics and sewing so feel free to ask.

Idea 3:
With a little practice you can even modify templates or create it by your self.
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