Lini-Graphics / Tutorial Sew a prom dress skirt On request , there is finally a tutorial to the prom dress skirt . But I would like to preliminary mention that I am not a learned tailor .
This means , in principle, I am working with many strange tricks to get my result . In fact, my techniques can not be compared with originals sewing techniques.

The Tutorial
Step 1:
Logically, you have to get first a petticoat. Put on the petticoat and take the marked lengths.

Red: Hip circumference in cm Yellow: Skirt Length in cm Blue: Lower skirt circumference in cm

Step 2:
Well , now comes a bunch of theory and mathematics combined with geometry. So we are working on a great Piece of paper or film the pattern.
1. A straight line drawing with the length of the skirt + about 25 cm (25 cm to more Sewing up and to be a little more flexible.) 2. At the lower end of a line move to the right. Here for just the circumferential length the lower skirt edge by 8 parts (For an odd number always round up !) 3. Finally, we make to the Top of the line again just the same we here the recirculation length Hips use.
Step 3:
Now we can cutting the parts ! Folds the fabric together again and sets the template directly on the fabric fold. The yellow line have to be on the fold. We need this part exactly 4 times.
Step 4:
So then we sew all four parts actually only on long side together. Put on the petticoat and skirt, cut the bottom edge and sew a seam .
And that's it!

Tips & Ideas Idea 1:
Attention, if you use this guide your skirt getvery wrinkles free just lying on the petticoat. If you want it extreme wrinkled you have only 2 parts more to cut and sew with Step 3. Subsequently puts her so long regular folds in the hip circumference until it returns the correct circumferential length for you!
But if you want a few more wrinkles , you can only the pattern even at the red line and Still draw the blue line 5 cm longer.

Idea 2:
If you want to do anything right at length, than sew the top part of the dress first. After that you can sew the skirt and add it to the top. Then puts on the dress and cut the length by a second person. Then everything is definitely right!


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