Lini-Graphics / Tutorial Fabric Painting Another issue which I over and over move back to the way would be the painting of fabrics.

This is considered at first : No wood colors , No felt fabric or similar! < / em >

But: textile paint, brushes , a small bowl , water, some newspaper and an iron.

I'll show you the basic knowledge on a very simple example and then various techniques based on other examples!

The Tutorial
Step 1:
Look up for an image of the original. Try to work very detailed
If you spend more time in your work, you get a better result.
Step 2:
Now you put under the fabric, you want to paint, with newspaper and/or cardboard.
Pays attention that the fabric is Wrinkle-free .
Step 3:
So that the lines are regularly I easily drawn here the lines with a ruler and marked the strips which get painted later with a little cross.
The pencil can be hardly to removed so be carefully.
Step 4:
To be on te safty side, I taped the free stripe with some masking tape.
Step 5:
Now finally comes the splash of colour.
Textile paint is very thick liquid and opaque. On the glasses is every time a description - a How-to-use. It exist to types of colour. One for darker fabrics an one fort brighter fabrics.
On my example, the colour is for bright fabrics.
Step 6:
the Pure colour was to dark , I have the colour diluted with water. That works very well, so you can mix the colours together.
. Remember about the relation of water and Colour, if you mix something again later.
Step 7:
Of course if you have mixed your colour you can already paint it directly on your fabric.
Step 8:
You should be carefully with the painting. Avoid painting over the tape, because it is still possible that the colour underneath ' bleeds ' out!
Step 9:
If everything is dried - This is usually very quick - You have to iron it from the inner side of your fabric. And than everything would be done!

Example No.01:
If you play with a lot of water can be personalized with textile paint and create cool gradients.
Example No.02:
If you can drawing very proficient with a brush, you can draw free hand beautiful patterns and motifs on fabrics.
Example No.03:
This patter was completely freehand painted, too. I worked with silver textile paint for dark fabrics .
Example No.04:
I used the same colour as in Example No.03 . Here I had even cardboard but a template created so the pattern was super evenly
Example No.05:
I used for this 3 meters long hairband a selfmade template, too. It tool houres to transferred it on the fabric.
Example No.06:
Is draw the hole patter without any help. I need more time for the painting as for the whole cosplay!

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