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Movie / Cinema Spot for "Das Bundestamt für Magische Wesen" GERMANY
I do not know where should i have to start with my telling!
We had spontaneously decided to send an application for a role in this short film. We were in the middle in the works for the GamesCom 2014 and thought: Ah, we are trying ... but would be nothing, like ever.
- A week later came for me a commitment and half an hour later for Nataku. Fortunately, we had both the same day for our scences. So we drove on a Saturday night to Bonn to be in the location on Sunday morning.
We were really nervous as hell! This the first time that we were at a shooting location for us and would stand by you on camera.
Everything was filmed in a Maritim Hotel in Bonn Germany - the same place where the RingCon takes place every year - until all were present, reported and classified for their roles, it was certainly about 10 O `clock. We were given a large space in which we could all change our clothes and makeup. There hung a schedule of when who must be ready also. It was really tremendous how many people were on site. As many as before the camera also stood again behind!
Over the day , we were of course supplied with enough of food and drink. Shortly before the time of shoot it went into the mask for make-up check . Makeup was again repaired and improved. In addition, of course, styled hair . And then we had to go to our location!
Everybody got individually said when he had to do , and then the scene was had by all ,we had to repeated the scene very very often!
In the scene with Lini Lehita we started at 2 o'clock pm and at 7 o'clock pm the scene was finally finished. Overall, this scene had to be repeated twice and improved about 25 minutes. After each rotation every make-up artist leapt across the room and fix the make up.We get a few time a little break. We also had to got to the toilett or need somthing to drink. The initial nervousness was during the shooting time passed away and i was always relaxed .
However, we weren't ready . Natakus scence was naturally shifted far to the evening . Therefore, the record of his scene started for his scene against 8 o'clock pm.
Here , of course, the same sequence - each was explained what he had to do and when and after each rotation has been corrected and repaired . I use the time changed my clothings and wahed my make up away. And i took our stuff as much as possible in the car.
But Nataku was lucky after about 10 attempts was his scene ready so we were go at 10 o'clock pm on the way home . Unfortunately, that was about 600 km away by car .

It was really an incredibly exciting experience ever ! And everything was highly organized professionally - I could hardly wait to see the finished result . We would something like this could give us real wishes once more - it made us a lot of fun !

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