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Contest / Mannheim Photocontest 2014 GERMANY
My mother showed us the Mannheimer Photo Contest. We were sure whether our photography skills were not good enough for something like this. On the other hand we thought: With Cosplay .. intended quite funny!
We looked at the rules for the contest and then gave us trouble to make a beautiful photo! And Expectors, we have thus even took third place and thus gained a Segway tour for two people.
Unfortunately we could not pick himself our price - but my mother was so kind and took the price for us.
About 2 weeks later, we got a mail of the city marketing of Mannheim which organized the competition, they were still a poster of us. But i didn't know that it is a very giant poster! - The winning photos were hung namely distributed throughout the city. A great experience! - I show you a few photos of the Segway tour & the Giant poster. Our Contest Entry: