Lini-Graphics / Defintion of Cosplay?

About the Name Cosplay is actually a compilation of the two English terms Costume and Play . So it is like a little role-play.

The origin
Like many things comes this trend from Japan too. In fact it is rather a kind of clothing style like Gothic , Visu and similar. It should be very hard to wear cosplay in everyday - so it is only a hobby. The Main theme of cosplay is the anime and manga scene , but meanwhile, it is more. It is about western comics, games and movies too. Although comics and mangas in Principle is the same. Nevertheless, but every fan prefer to separates the meanings !
Other informations
On the whole world are Cosplay Competitions. In these competitions are the Cosplayers with their costumes on stage and show their costume with a little show for a small selected jury. It exist different version of competitions The largest official in Germany for example is the Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft . The prizes are different things. For Example: In the year 2010 the first price was a free trip to japan for free. The prices are decided differently by all the competition organizers. For example: on a little competition in Ulm I won a few coupons for mangas for the bookstore Thalia.
For the contest is rarely a topic set . Rather, a time could be set. Or a few rules you always have to read and follow. For example: the rules for selfmaded weapons and costumes. In official competitions you have to wear self-made costumes. Another great aspect of the cosplay is the possibility about incredibly fast to meet new people with the same or similar interests .
There is also the hobby strengthens one's own self-confidence.
Many cosplayers, only see other cosplayer if their costumes are produced by their self. Because the most buied costumes do not look good. It is impressive to build own costumes and gives a very proud feeling . However, the fun is at the forefront .

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