Lini-Graphics / Homepage History

'Lini-Graphics was born on 27. July 2005. It gots the name 'Mermaid Grafik'. The content was full of informations and graphics about the manga 'Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch'.
But i was young and did not have any experience about website codes. But enough to be never on Beeworld or Oyla (okay Oyla didn't exsit for this time). So 'Mermaid Grafik' was born direct on a FTP-Server. Exactly it was (Funpic didn't have any advertising for this time).
The ugliest thing on this website, was the code. Because it was scripted with very old transparent frames... It is really a very newbie like idea... Oh, and the graphice was made with the old windows tool PAINT. Shame on me...

2006 I got the program 'Adobe Photoshop CS' by a friend. I worked and trained every day with those program to get better.

2007 my boyfriend suggested to edit the website for all Animes and Mangas. I thought it was a great idea and in February 2007 the website was renamed to 'Lini-Graphics.

An other friend helped me to script the website with CSS and PHP in the same year. In September 2009 'Lini-Graphics' was deleted by a ex-member. He goes rampage and wanted to destroy all my work. I worked hard on the website to come back. But i reached my target in January 2010. My new cosplay blog moved on 'Lini-Graphics' (End of 2011). Because i didn't want to administrate the blog alone.
2012 i added my draqings and artworks to 'Lini-Graphics' too. The updates on my website was very chaotic for two years.

But i decided to delete the graphics and the artwork area in the summer 2014. I wanted to concentrate only on the cosplay area.
In august 2015 we we did the next movement on a cheaper and better server than before.

Website re-movements 4 (1. - - 3. Ani-Network - 4. personal Server - 5. Alfahosting)
Hack attacks: 4